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You Against Cancer?

Turn the Odds in Your Favor!

At Hope4Cancer Institute we connect you with the highest quality, affordable, non-toxic cancer treatment options available. We are the original home for Rigvir Virotherapy, a powerful, new anticancer modality that targets the cancer microbe. We provide you access to both clinic and home-based programs, balancing both your medical needs and financial status. Our unique model has three pillars: first, expert patient consulting directing you to appropriate choices for your treatment, an expert medical team to help you initiate and progress your treatment in a clinical or home setting, and finally, a premium, technology-enhanced after care platform to ensure proactive follow up and long term care. We stay with you from the very beginning all the way to your recovery. Besides our Rigvir Virotherapy protocol, we offer well balanced treatment options founded on Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy that emphasize immune modulation, detoxification, oxygenation, nutrition, microbe elimination and mental and spiritual integrity, besides using powerful treatments that interfere with the growth of cancer cells and their metastasis. When your doctor says no, we say yes. Call us for our no-obligation consultation.

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Experienced Medical Team

Our Patients Speak

Charles D.
"I have another clear CT scan under my belt! This makes three years of no cancer for me and just over three years since I started your program! Words can't describe how I feel and how happy I am! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- June 2011 >Stage IV Bladder Cancer
> Over 4 Years Cancer-Free
Amanda K.
"I have been with this team for almost 2 years now, and they are always there for me. My oncologist wants nothing to do with me anymore, so without the Cancer Options team, I do not know where I would be. With their guidance, I have beaten the predictions by over a year!" - August 2012 > Stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer